The website was founded in 2015 as a universal platform providing high-quality sports news and articles.

FastNews is a sports website that presents the latest and most interesting news about various sports: football, chess, wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, basketball, swimming, tennis, etc.

Moreover, on the website you will find previews and theories about football tournaments, and you can watch videos and photo series about important sports events as well. The website also offers statistics on various national and international championships.

The website provides absorbing materials, references, interviews on cultural, entertainment, social, business and technology-related topics with people from the art field.


EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FAST NEWS website presents the latest sports events in Armenia and abroad, prepares video materials, covers the main sports events, takes exclusive interviews with athletes and coaches, publishes authorial articles about local and international sports, records audio podcasts, organizes match and post-match live streaming, in particular, for Armenian championships.