Fast Sports , distributed in public distribution zones, as well as Fast Sports 1 and Fast Sports 2 IP channels presented via the web, provide an unprecedented stream of local and international sports events, news, and analysis. The channels' programs include exclusive broadcasts of major leagues and sporting events such as the Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, NBA, NHL, Formula 1, as well as in-house analytical and entertainment content, including programs, pre-game discussions, etc.


Fast Media entered the market with exclusive innovative approaches in the region, equipped with the best technical and software solutions. We cooperate with international TV equipment and software leaders such as VIZRT, VSN, and TriCaster.

VIZRT is one of the best software for sports programs, digital media creation, broadcasting, pavilion 3D modeling and graphic solutions.

VSN is globally recognized as an innovative media content management and development software used in more than 130 institutions and media companies.

TriCaster is a media production management program which coordinates the broadcast process as well.

The Company uses the latest Bolero wireless intercom system of RedelCom for seamless communication during broadcasts between the pavilion control center, engineers, directors, and operators.

All pavilion control center systems are interconnected through a Riedel video matrix, controlled by a separate communication program that facilitates easy alteration of connections between all systems and devices in the chain.

Complementing all this, the Ukrainian company ComTel that is specialized in the field of sports channel technical integration has introduced modern technical solutions and software.


The studio is built with conceptual solutions and corresponds to modern design trends. It is equipped with high-tech ventilation and cooling systems.

All cameras and lighting systems installed in the studio are remotely controlled by the appropriate employee from the Studio Control Center via the appropriate panel.